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PrintWithMe is a self-serve, wireless printer station found in nationwide coffee shops, co-working spaces, apartment buildings and more.

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How It Works

Printing at a PrintWithMe kiosk is as simple as sending one email.

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1. Email Document to Printer
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2. Open Auto-Response Email
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3. Pay and Print

Benefits of PrintWithMe

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Self-Service, Wireless Printer Stations

  • Modern printers automatically order toner and paper as needed; staff can rest easy.
  • Users can print conveniently via email from any digital device; no printer drivers or wires needed.
  • Over 99.9% printer uptime, and outstanding customer support 7 days a week.
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Document Security & Data Privacy

  • All documents sent to PrintWithMe are encrypted.
  • Documents are deleted immediately after print job is complete.
  • "Secure Release" feature available when printing sensitive documents.
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Eco-Conscious and Sustainable

  • Environmental sustainability is important to PrintWithMe and we are proud to support shared community printing.
  • All paper is sustainably-sourced from high-quality providers.
  • Each shared PrintWithMe station saves its community on average 550lbs of individual electronic waste per year.
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What Are Our Customers Saying

PrintWithMe has over 1,500+ 5 Star reviews on Google from happy customers.

I was completely mind-blown by the simplicity and ingenuity of it! What a cooooool service!!!! Thank you so much for being there for me in a moment of need!!!

Connor Lie-Spahn User at All In Cafe

Everything could be done from my computer. I did not need to interact with the printer beyond grabbing my paper, very convenient.

Darius Richardson Member, Hygge Statesville

PrintWithMe is what I was used to and this solved nearly all of the problems with my printing experience.

Maria Chavez Resident & User at Solstice Apartments

Convenience. I only had to go 2 blocks to pick up documents. The entire process took less than 10 minutes (From sending documents, to paying, to pickup).

C. Jackson-Smith User at Caffeine Underground

Many residents don't have printers in their apartment and theyll come to us to print at least 3-5 times a week. With PrintWithMe, they are able to follow the directions to print very easily.

Elaine Kovach Property Manager at ZRS Management

Simplicity of experience, better pricing, convenience. Made my life easier. Also, nice paper quality.

Brenda Berkelaar User at Flightpath Cafe

It was CONVENIENT. And I like that it was eco-friendly.

Lambros, Stephen Nicholas Student Resident at Aspire 349

Still amazes me how easy it is to use this service! Love how I can print straight from my phone too!

Jeffrey Gabriel Resident and User at Watermark

It’s a lot more hands-off as far as our team is concerned. Staff is really happy with it, and residents are happy that they have the ability to print in the building they live in.

Hailee McCririe Property Manager at Bozzuto

Our mission is to make printing convenient for everyone, everywhere.

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>10 Million

Pages Printed On Sustainable Paper
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Printer Uptime


This map only displays publicly-accessible printers in retail locations including coffee shops and selected coworking spaces. If you are a resident trying to locate the printer in apartment buildings, please check in with your management or contact

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